10. Train, test & troubleshoot your SEO further The Learning SEO Free Accelerator

[Update November 7, 2023: 13 Sessions of the Learning SEO Free Accelerator Q&As have been done and uploaded]

After four of the Free Learning SEO Accelerator Q&As Sessions, the experience has been a success!

We’ve had 13 sessions with experienced SEOs going through the SEO Fundamentals (Intro to SEO, keyword research, competition research, content optimization, technical optimization and link building), SEO Process execution (How to set an SEO strategy, SEO auditing, setting SEO goals, measuring SEO, reporting SEO, SEO process management) and SEO in your CMS (WordPress SEO), with many more sessions coming in the next few weeks. 

I want to thank again to all the tools who have given access to the participants for free to accelerate their learning process, as well as the guest SEO specialists who have clarified the participants questions about each topic. 

You can watch all the sessions so far for free in the YouTube channel too. Remember to subscribe to avoid missing any new sessions in the future!  



[Update June 27, 2023: Free Access to SEO Tools for the Learning SEO Free Accelerator Participants]

A Big Thanks to SEO Tools Giving Free Access During 6 Months to the Learning SEO Free Accelerator Participants

A few days ago, I tweeted how some of the participants of the Free Learning SEO Accelerator mentioned in their submissions that they don’t have yet access to SEO tools to execute what they learn due to their cost, while asking a few of the best known ones for 6 free months of access so the Accelerator participants can start testing through their learning journey in the program. I was delighted when I saw almost all of those tools mentioned, (and even more) answering positively to this request right away! 

I want to publicly give a *huge* thank you to these SEO tools for accepting and providing 6 months of free access: Screaming Frog, Sitebulb, Semrush, Ahrefs, Advanced Web Ranking, SE Ranking, Link Affinity, Seodity, Keyword Insights, SEOZoom, Nozzle, Majestic, InLinks, Moz. Thanks also to Sistrix for providing a couple of free months via their educational cooperation program. I’m still waiting for the follow-up of other tools that have shared their interest, although pending of confirmation. 

This shows once again how generous the SEO community is! Thanks again for your help to support the new generation of SEOs to learn better and practice faster. 



[Update June 19, 2023: The Learning SEO Free Accelerator Participants Are Announced]

Announcement of the 15 (!) Participants of the Learning SEO Free Accelerator Initiative

Congratulations to the following 15* selected participants for the First Learning SEO Free Accelerator initiative, chosen from a total of 308 applications received since its announcement from all over the world: 

Name Country
Samsuzzaman Riton Bangladesh
Asfaw Mamo Ethiopia
Johana Katerine Triana Paez Argentina
Mariana Garcia Mexico
Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran India
Lawrence Parmisana Philippines
Militsa Koleva United Kingdom
Kasia Furman Poland
Angel Boyer Venezuela
Allison Kingsley Nigeria
Preeti Gupta India
Letícia de Jesus Augusto Brazil
Samar Abdelmohdy agwa Egypt
Ana Mayela Campos Rojas Nicaragua
Maryam Lale Iran


Although it was initially planned to have 10 participants for the Learning SEO Free Accelerator, 15 were selected due to the high number of applications. The selected participants will receive a confirmation email in the next couple of days, along with next steps to start with The Learning SEO accelerator Q&As on the week of July 3rd, 2023. 

If you haven’t been selected, don’t worry! Videos of the Q&A sessions recordings will be published on the relevant page of the Learning SEO site after they’re held. Subscribe to the Learning SEO newsletter and get an email alert whenever this happens to not miss out. Thanks again for your collaboration and support, I’m very looking forward to start with the Accelerator! 


Aleyda Solis



The Learning SEO Free Accelerator Announcement

Accelerate your SEO learning process for free with the Learning SEO Free accelerator, a new initiative by Learning SEO, in which 10 new SEOs will have the chance to ask experienced SEO specialists in a live Q&A session to clarify common doubts regarding the top topics covered in the Learning SEO roadmap for free. 

These Q&As sessions will be also recorded and featured later on in the relevant page of LearningSEO.io dedicated to that topic, providing not only direct access to a group of new SEOs to accelerate their knowledge by directly clarifying doubts with experienced specialists, but also allowing anybody looking to expand their knowledge to learn from this experience by watching the video on the site.

How is it going to work?

I will be hosting Q&As with some of the most experienced SEO specialists in our industry going through the main concepts and most common doubts of the core SEO topics covered in the Learning SEO roadmap. These questions are going to be sent by a group of 10 new SEOs who are going to have access to ask and participate in each live session completely for free.

There will be one or two Q&As each week, until the specified topics (which you can see below) are all covered. The Learning SEO accelerator Q&As will start on the week of July 3rd, 2023. The Q&As calls will be organized during daytime of the SEO specialist answering the questions that also coincides with the daytime of the majority of the participants.

How can you participate in the Learning SEO Accelerator as one of the 10 new SEOs?

Anyone in the process of learning SEO and those with less than a couple of years of experience, who want to have the chance to participate as one of the 10 new SEOs of the 1st Learning SEO Accelerator can apply to participate by filling this form.

A group of 10 new SEOs will be picked by Aleyda Solis (maker of LearningSEO.io) from those that apply to have a diverse group of people from all over the world, with different backgrounds, giving priority to those who haven’t had the advantage of learning SEO with many resources at their disposal and/or within a company or mentors supporting their journey, and have shown self-learning proactivity and commitment when doing it so. 

Are you a new SEO who fits with this description? Apply to participate in the Learning SEO Accelerator here.

I will be announcing the group of 10 picked SEOs on June 19, 2023 through this page and will email directly to each. 

PS: In case you’re not chosen as one of the 10 new SEOs who will be participating in this first edition of the Learning SEO accelerator, don’t worry, this is the first of many other free initiatives to come. 

Which topics are going to be covered, and who are the SEO specialists doing the Learning SEO Accelerator Q&As? 

The topics to be covered in the Learning SEO accelerator Q&As and the amazing experienced SEO specialists who will clarify questions and doubts of each are the following: 

Topic Q&A Specialist
Introduction to SEO Aleyda Solis
Keyword Research Andy Chadwick
Competition Analysis Jo Turnbull
Content Optimization Crystal Carter
Technical Optimization Geoff Kennedy
Link Building Bibi Raven
Developing an SEO Audit Chris Green
Establishing an SEO Strategy Tory Gray
Setting SEO Goals Kevin Gibbons
Measuring SEO Cyrus Shepard
Reporting SEO Sophie Brannon
SEO Process Management Judith Lewis
WordPress SEO Guidelines Jono Alderson
Wix SEO Guidelines Mordy Oberstein
Shopify SEO Guidelines Kevin Indig
Magento SEO Guidelines Maria White
JavaScript SEO Gerry White
Internal Linking Kevin Indig
Web Speed Optimization Jamie Indigo
Mobile Optimization Cindy Krum
Structured Data Andrea Volpini
Developing Topic Clusters Suganthan Mohanadasan
Keyword Mapping Chima Mmeje
EEAT Lily Ray
Content Pruning Itamar Blauer
Image Optimization Brodie Clark
Video Optimization Izzi Smith
SERP Features Optimization Aymen Loukil
SEO Forecasting Daniel K Cheung
Calculate SEO ROI Miracle Inameti-Archibong
Show SEO value to Non-SEOs Eli Schwartz
Creating SEO Contracts Mike King
SEO Jobs Interviews Ryan Jones / Razorfish
Budgeting SEO Chris Simmance
Building an SEO Team Ulrika Viberg
Communication with SEO Stakeholders Silvia Martin
SEO Product Management Gus Pelogia
SEO Myths Azeem Ahmad
XML Sitemaps Optimization Olga Zarr
Robots.txt Optimization Nick LeRoy
Edge SEO Nick Wilsdon
Outreach for Link Building Gareth Hoyle
Backlinks Analysis Alexandra Tachalova
Keyword Cannibalization Analysis Martin McDonald
Crawl Budget Optimization Roxana Stingu
SEO for Web Redesigns Simon Cox
SEO for New Web Launch Jackie Chu
Google Core Updates Recovery Glenn Gabe
SEO For Web Migrations Andrew Cock-Starkey
Optimizing Faceted Navigation Areej AbuAli
Google Discover Optimization John Shehata
SEO Testing Ryan Jones / SEOTesting
International SEO Gianluca Fiorelli
News SEO Barry Adams & John Shehata
Ecommerce SEO Kristina Azarenko
SaaS SEO Patrick Stox
Enterprise SEO Orit Mutznik
Small Business SEO Blake Denman
Local SEO Claire Carlile
Python for SEO Nitin Manchanda

I want to give a huge thanks to these experienced SEO specialists for donating their time and know-how to support the journey of new SEOs through the first Learning SEO Free Accelerator.


Do you have any questions or doubts about the Learning SEO Accelerator? 

Get in touch with Aleyda Solis and ask over here.

The SEO Learning Roadmap

Take a look at the SEO learning roadmap below, featuring the different areas, from the basics of SEO, to the most common activities and phases of the SEO Process:

Start learning SEO with the fundamental concepts and areas, why they're important, and the basics to execute them: keyword research, content optimization analysis, technical optimization and link building.
Once you know the main SEO concepts, it's time to put them in practice by learning to develop an SEO process, from establishing a strategy and setting goals to management, measurement, and reporting.
Learn to implement the most important SEO configurations in the top Web platforms in the market, along with considerations to take into account.
It's time for an SEO deep-dive into those particular areas and common scenarios where you have a bigger interest or need to tackle.