5.1. Specialize within SEO

If you’re looking to specialize within a certain area or industry in SEO, take a look at reliable free guides and resources about International SEO, News SEO, E-Commerce SEO, SaaS SEO, Local SEO, Travel SEO, Enterprise SEO, Small Business SEO and more. 


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International SEO

Overview of international and multilingual site topics

Guide from Google


The Ultimate Guide to International SEO

Guide from Onely


International SEO for E-Commerce Websites

Presentation from Aleyda Solis


An In-Depth Look At International SEO (+ Step-By-Step Instructions)

Guide from Raoul Wruck / Semrush


An Hreflang Implementation Guide: How to add and Implement Hreflang Tags

Guide from Aleyda Solis


What is international SEO?

Guide from Moz 

E-commerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Guide from Joshua Hardwick / Ahrefs


The 8-Step eCommerce Framework to Elevate Your SEO Game

Presentation from Kristina Azarenko


eCommerce SEO Guides Hub

Guide from ContentKing


SEO for E-commerce in 2020 – Top Technical SEO Challenges & How to Fix them

Presentation from Kristina Azarenko


When Your Inventory Changes: SEO Tips For Changing Product Pages

Presentation from Aleyda Solis


How Online Stores Can Quickly Build Sub-categories Targeting Long-tail Keywords

Presentation from Aleyda Solis


Optimizing Content in Category Pages while Keeping its Commercial Nature

Guide from Aleyda Solis


Local SEO

The Essential Local SEO Strategy Guide

Guide from Moz


Local SEO: The Complete Guide

Guide from Joshua Hardwick / Ahrefs


Local SEO Learning Hub

Guide from Brightlocal


Local SEO: The Definitive Guide (2023)

Guide from Backlinko



Guide from Local SEO Guide


Claire’s Guide to UTM Tagging For Google My Business

Guide from Claire Carlile


How to do Local SEO Today: Top Do’s and Dont’s, Tools, and Guide to Grow

Video from Crawling Mondays


Local SEO Course with Greg Gifford

Course from Greg Gifford / SEMrush


Enterprise SEO

How to Succeed in Enterprise SEO

Guide from Patrick Stox / Ahrefs

What is Enterprise SEO? A Marketer’s Guide to Search Optimization

Guide from Jonas Sickler / Terakeet


Lumar's Ultimate Guide to Enterprise SEO

Guide from Rachel Costello / Lumar


The Ultimate Guide to Modern Enterprise SEO

Guide from IPullRank


Enterprise SEO: Everything You Need to Know

Guide from Rebecca Riserbato / Hubspot

How to Succeed as an In-House Enterprise Level SEO

Guide from Crawling Mondays


News SEO

Help Google News discover your web crawled content

Guide from Google


How to Get Into Google News

Video from Barry Adams / Moz


Google News SEO – Everything Publishers Need to Know 2020 Edition

Guide from John Shehata / NewzDash


The Ultimate guide to Google News SEO

Video from Vahre Arabian and Carlos Alonso


A Guide to Optimizing for Google News, Top Stories, and Discover

Guide from Lily Ray / Search Engine Journal


SEO for News Publications or Media Websites

Video from Crawling Mondays


Saas SEO

SaaS SEO: An Actionable Strategy for Growth

Guide from James Brockbank / SEMrush


SEO For SaaS: The Ultimate Guide

Guide from Chris Long


3 Advanced SaaS SEO Strategies & Best Practices

Guide from Kevin Indig / Search Engine Journal


SEO for SaaS (Software as a Service) Websites

Video from Crawling Mondays


Travel SEO

The Ultimate SEO Travel Marketing Guide

Guide from Dan Taylor


Travel SEO & Marketing

Guide from Joe Robinson


The Ultimate Guide on How to SEO your Travel Website

Guide from Alex Chris


Travel SEO Trends and Pivots from 2020 (and What to Carry into 2021)

Guide from Rachel Vandernick / Moz


Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO: A Beginners Guide To Get You Started in 10 Quick Steps

Guide from Erika Varagouli / SEMrush 


The Beginner’s Guide to Small Business SEO (6 Easy Steps)

Guide from Joshua Hardwick / Ahrefs


Small Business SEO: The Complete Guide

Guide from CopyPress


Small Business SEO Checklist: 11 Ways to Improve Rankings Today

Guide from Mindy Weinstein / Search Engine Journal


Small Business SEO: The 28-Step Checklist to Help You Win

Guide from Adam Steele / G2


The SEO Learning Roadmap

Take a look at the SEO learning roadmap below, featuring the different areas, from the basics of SEO, to the most common activities and phases of the SEO Process:

Start learning SEO with the fundamental concepts and areas, why they're important, and the basics to execute them: keyword research, content optimization analysis, technical optimization and link building.
Once you know the main SEO concepts, it's time to put them in practice by learning to develop an SEO process, from establishing a strategy and setting goals to management, measurement, and reporting.
Learn to implement the most important SEO configurations in the top Web platforms in the market, along with considerations to take into account.
It's time for an SEO deep-dive into those particular areas and common scenarios where you have a bigger interest or need to tackle.