1. SEO Fundamentals Learn Competition Analysis for SEO

If you’re looking to learn about competition analysis for SEO, you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find an aggregation of the best, reliable resources about SEO focused competition analysis.

The Guide to SEO Competitor Analysis

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How to Do an SEO Competitive Analysis

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How to Do an SEO Competitor Analysis [Template Included]

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Your Essential Guide to Crushing Competition [w/ Template]

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The SEO Competitive Analysis Tools & Tips 100+ Marketers Rely On Most

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SEO Competitive Analysis: The Definitive Guide

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How To Do An SEO Competitor Analysis with free downloadable template

Guide from Moz Team / Moz

Competition Analysis FAQ
What's competition analysis in SEO?

Competitive analysis in SEO is the process of examining the search engine presence, rankings, traffic and strategies of your competitors to understand their strengths and weaknesses compared to your own. This information can be incredibly valuable in forming your own SEO strategies.

What does an SEO competition analysis include?

Usually, the first step in any competition analysis is determining who your SEO competitors are, identifying the keywords your competitors are targeting and ranking for, analyze the structure and content of your competitors’ websites, as well as who is linking to your competitors, how many backlinks they have, the quality of these backlinks, and where they’re coming from.

What are the best practices for competition analysis in SEO?

Identify your real competitors, analyze their rankings, top ranked queries and ranked pages, conduct a backlink analysis, study their content strategy, review their site structure, among others. 

The SEO Learning Roadmap

Take a look at the SEO learning roadmap below, featuring the different areas, from the basics of SEO, to the most common activities and phases of the SEO Process:

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1 SEO Fundamentals

Start learning SEO with the fundamental concepts and areas, why they're important, and the basics to execute them: keyword research, content optimization analysis, technical optimization and link building.
Once you know the main SEO concepts, it's time to put them in practice by learning to develop an SEO process, from establishing a strategy and setting goals to management, measurement, and reporting.
Learn to implement the most important SEO configurations in the top Web platforms in the market, along with considerations to take into account.