4. Deepen your SEO Knowledge Google SGE Research, Analysis and Optimization

Learn about the latest in Google SGE Research, analysis and optimization with reliable resources and guides. 

A new way to search with generative AI - An overview of SGE

Guide by Srinivasan Venkatachary / Google

Responsible Development of SGE: Bringing the Power of Generative AI to Search

Case Study by Google

SGE Research Study - The Impact of Google Search Generative Experience on Brand and Product Terms

Research from Laurence O’Toole / Authoritas 

[DATA ANALYSIS] How SGE will affect your SEO and business

Research from Bartosz GóralewiczOnely

The Digital Marketers' Ultimate Guide to Google SGE

Research from BrightEdge

How To Intentionally Show Up in Google’s SGE

Guide from Garrett Sussman / iPullRank

The Latest on Google’s SGE: What You Need to Know in 2024

Guide by Nightwatch

The Ultimate Guide to LLMO, GEO & AIO

Guide by Malte Landwehr

SGE Snippet Research: We Analyzed 100K Keywords to See Google’s AI in Action

Research from Yevheniia Khromova  and Ivanna Vashyst SE Ranking

SGE Deep Dive – what does Google’s SGE mean for the travel industry?

Research from Franziska Dau Peak Ace

The 3 Main Types of Google SGE Snapshots and Their Level of Ranked Pages Traffic Risk

Guide from Aleyda Solis

A tale of two snippets: What link attribution in SGE tells us about search

Guide from Mariya Delano

The impact of Google’s SGE & What To do About it [With SGE Traffic Risk Assessment Sheet]

An SGE traffic risk assessment checklist to help you identify the potential risk for your own top customer journey queries: Verify the SGE inclusion for major traffic and conversion driver terms you target, representative of different intents, identify the traffic erosion risk to prioritize action depending on SGE type, inclusion and query fulfillment, take a look at the already SGE featured pages and analyze their characteristics vs yours to identify opportunities.

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The SEO Learning Roadmap

Take a look at the SEO learning roadmap below, featuring the different areas, from the basics of SEO, to the most common activities and phases of the SEO Process:

Start learning SEO with the fundamental concepts and areas, why they're important, and the basics to execute them: keyword research, content optimization analysis, technical optimization and link building.
Once you know the main SEO concepts, it's time to put them in practice by learning to develop an SEO process, from establishing a strategy and setting goals to management, measurement, and reporting.
Learn to implement the most important SEO configurations in the top Web platforms in the market, along with considerations to take into account.