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SEO Tools

If you’re looking for the best free SEO tools for your SEO process, you’ve come to the right place! In this page you’ll find the best free SEO tools for the different activities within the SEO process. Take a look below.

Table of Contents

Keyword Research Tools

Google Ads Keyword Planner
Web Based from Google

Google Trends
Web Based from Google

Keyword Generator
Web Based from Ahrefs

Web Based from Candour

Answer The Public
Web Based from Answer The Public

Web Based from QuestionDB

Free Keyword Tool
Web Based from Wordstream

Web Based from Merlinox

The Reddit Keyword Research Tool
Web Based from Higher Visibility

Keyword Surfer
Browser Extension from Surfer

Topic Mojo Free Plan
Web Based from Topic Mojo

On-Page SEO Tools

Screaming Frog SEO Spider
Desktop Based from Screaming Frog

Greenflare: The Open Source SEO Crawler
Desktop Based from Greenflare

Detailed SEO Extension
Browser Extension from Detailed

SEO Pro Extension
Browser Extension from Marketing Syrup

Browser Extension from Weeblr

Spark Content Optimizer
Browser Extension from SEOClarity

Link Redirect Trace
Browser Extension from LinkResearchTools

Yoast SEO
WordPress Plugin from Yoast

Rank Math SEO
WordPress Plugin from Rank Math

Link Building Tools

Ahrefs Backlink Checker
Web Based from Ahrefs

Free Backlink Checker
Web Based from Rankwatch

Broken Link Checker
Web Based from Ahrefs

BuzzStream Free Link Building Tools
Web Based from Buzzstream

Hunter: Find email addresses in seconds
Web Based and Browser Extension from Hunter

Search Monitoring and Rank Tracking Tools

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools
Web Based from Ahrefs

thruuu: Awesome SERP Analyzer
Web Based from thruuu

SERP Checker
Web Based from Accuranker

SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch
Browser Extension from Nightwatch

SEO Dashboards & Reporting Tools

50+ Google Data Studio Templates to Speed your SEO Reporting
Google Sheets from Sheets for Marketers

9 SEO report Google Data Studio and Google Sheets templates you can swipe today
Google Data Studio and Google Sheets from Supermetrics

Search Console Explorer Studio and Sheet, Cannibalization Explorer, etc.
Google Data Studio and Google Sheets from Hannah Butler

SFAIK – Screaming Frog Analyzer
Google Data Studio from IKAUE

Monthly SEO Report Template
Doc, PDF, GDocs from Backlinko

Search Console PunkExport
Google Sheets from Lino Uruñuela

Web Speed Optimization Tools

Measure from
Web Based from

PageSpeed Insights
Web Based from Google

Web Page Test
Web Based from Catchpoint

Web Based from GTmetrix

Browser Extension from Google

Web Vitals Extension
Browser Extension from Addy Osmani

Core SERP Vitals
Browser Extension from Chris Johnson

Structured Data Tools

Schema Markup validator
Web Based from

Google’s Rich Results Test
Web Based from Google

Structured Data Viewer
Web Based from Classy Schema

Schema Markup Testing and Comparison Tool
Web Based from Shay Ohayon’s Structured Data Testing Tool
Web Based and Browser Extension from SEOClarity

Ryte Structured Data Helper
Browser Extension from Ryte

Schema Builder & Tester for Structured Data
Browser Extension from

Schema Markup Generator (JSON-LD)
Web Based from

The Schema Markup Generator
Web Based from RankRanger

Mobile SEO Tools

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test
Web Based from Google

Mobile Friendliness Test Tool
Web Based from Bing

MobileMoxie Page-oscope
Web Based from MobileMoxie

Mobile-Friendly Test (Bulk Testing Tool)
Web Based from

Mobile-First Index Tool (Mobile vs. Desktop Test)
Web Based from

Mobile First Index Checker
Web Based from Zeo

Local SEO Tools

GMBSpy: View Google My Business “Categories”
Browser Extension from George Nenni

Whitespark Local Citation Finder
Web Based from Whitespark

Google Review Link Generator
Browser Extension from Whitespark

Local Search Results Tool
Web Based from

International SEO Tools

Free Hreflang Generator
Google Sheets from Relgrowth

hreflang Tags Testing Tool
Web Based from

Hreflang Validator
Google Sheets from Sistrix

Locale-Adaptive Pages Testing Tool
Web Based from

JavaScript SEO Tools

Web Based from iPullrank

View Rendered Source Extension
Web Based from Jon Hogg

Fetch & Render
Web Based from

View Rendered Source Extension
Browser Extension from Jon Hogg

Web Developer Extension
Browser Extension from Chris Pederick

Screaming Frog SEO Spider
Desktop Based from Screaming Frog

SEO Forecasting Tools

SEO Forecasting Template in Google Sheets
Google Sheets from Tom Capper

Morphio SEO Forecasting Template
Google Sheets from Morphio

SEO Forecasting in Data Studio
Google Data Studio from John McAlpin / Search Engine Journal

Forecasting SEO Impacts on Organic Traffic
Google Sheets from Robin Rozhon

WordPress SEO Plugins

Yoast SEO
Plugin from Yoast

Rank Math SEO
Plugin from Rank Math

All in One SEO
Plugin from All in One SEO

Site Kit by Google
Plugin from Google

The SEO Framework
Plugin from The SEO Framework

Plugin from SEOPress

SEO Audits Templates

Annielytics Site Audit Checklist
Google Sheets from Annie Cushing

The Comprehensive Guide to Technical SEO Audits
Google Sheets from Benjamin Estes / Brainslab

SEO Audit Template
Google Docs / Word / PDF from Backlinko

SEO Audit Checklist: Our Ever-Changing List
Google Sheets from Ian Lurie / Portent

How to Run an SEO Focused Content Audit
Google Sheets from Ryan Stewart Webris

The Guide to SEO Content Audits
Google Sheets from Benjamin Estes / Brainslab

The Quick-but-Thorough Local SEO Site Audit
Google Sheets from Whitespark

Google Search Console Guidelines

Google Search Console: A Complete Guide for SEOs
Guide from Anna Crowe / Search Engine Journal

Tips to Use SEO Tools

Screaming Frog is definitely a great Swiss Army knife that can be used for technical, content and other activities. An underrated tool that helps you to identify the reason why a site can (potentially) see a drop is by Barry Schwartz”

By Francesco Baldini 

Google Analytics & Search Console are number 1s – everything you need straight from the horse’s mouth! Google Trends as well I feel is super under-utilised. PSI, ahref SEO toolbar, JSON-LD schema generator, Screaming Frog log analyser for small sites. There are so many”

By Sophie Brannon

SEO pro extension from Kristina Azarenko
coz it gives u a real insight about most important on page attributes. You get all information all at once including schema as well.”

By Zainkhan

Search Console and Keyword Planner to start for basics of keyword research and see how content is performing on the site”

By Sidney Bernardino

“In addition to Google Analytics and Search Console, this amazing resource from Merkel: Technical SEO Tools.”

By Robert Cerff

“Free tool for learning: Search Console

* Real insights into keyword data (not 3rd party)
* Understand Googlebot behavior at a basic level
* Get an understanding of links coming to your website & most prominent anchors
* Understand core web vitals & see what’s causing issues”

By Sunny Matharu

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools – makes our Site Audit and Site Explorer tools free for verified websites.”

By Tim Soulo

“I find myself going almost daily to AnswerThePublic for content ideas. They give a lot of information and very well organized. Not enterely free (limited searchs per day), but i think you can get a lot with their daily cap anyway. AlsoAsked too, but they are on maintenance.”

By Carlos Tinca

Surfer SEO: A very cool Google Chrome extension for keyword research, & finding out search volume”

By Tanoy Chowdhury

Seo minion plug-in for chrome for quick website analysis”

By Stephanie

Screaming frog and Ahrefs webmaster tool for on-site audit and optimization.”

By Kolade

“My favorite it’s an extension by Detailed. Pretty useful”

By Tejas Rane

Thruuu Scraper for getting sub topics/content ideas for my main topic main …Heamingwayapp to judge the readibility of my content…once the content is published, I compare my basic on page seo elements with my main competitor using The Hoth Seo Checker !!”

By Eduard Blacquière

The SEO Framework for WordPress. I feel like SEO tools are lately inventing problems and selling a solution for a subscription. TSF does only what is in Google Webmaster Guidelines and for free. No ads, upsell or speculative SEO hogwash like “SEO score”.”

By Pierre Lebaux

Surfer SEO – the extension gives AMS data completely free in your browser, plus additional insights about the ranking websites”

By Veselin Borisov

“For investigating issues in Chrome:
1) Plugin: Redirect Path (by Ayima)
2) Plugin: Robots Exclusion Checker (by Sam Gipson)

For working with data:
1) Google Sheets
2) Add-on to Google Sheets: Google Analytics
3) Excel (paid but usually available)
4) Analytics Edge for Excel”

By Esben Rasmussen

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