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Automate SEO Tasks

If you’re looking to automate SEO tasks, you’ve come to the right place! Check out these reliable, free guides about SEO automation with Python, App Scripts, BigQuery and SQL, RegEx and R. Check them out:

Table of Contents

ChatGPT for SEO

Some Cool SEO Uses For ChatGPT
Guide from Andrew Shotland

Python for SEO

An Introduction to Python for Technical SEO
Guide from Ruth Everett / Search Engine Journal

BigQuery & SQL for SEO

BigQuery & SQL for SEOs
Presentation from Areej AbuAli

App Scripts for SEO

Apps script for SEOs
Presentation from Dave Sottimano

Data pipeline table with Google Sheets + Apps Script
Video from Noah Lerner / Agency Automators

Automated Intent Classification Using Deep Learning in Google Sheets
Guide from Hamlet Batista / Search Engine Journal

JS for SEO

How to Use JavaScript to Automate SEO (With Scripts)
Guide from Jose Hernando / Search Engine Journal

RegEx for SEO

Beginner Guide To Regex For SEO
Guide from JC Chouinard

Principles of Regular Expressions for an SEO
Guide from Tomek Rudzki / Onely

Regular Expressions for SEOs and Digital Marketers [with Use Cases]
Guide from Alyona Petrukhina / Netpeak Software

Regular Expressions for Regular Joes (and SEOs)
Presentation from Paul Shapiro

URL Regex Builder
Presentation from Paul Shapiro

R for SEO

R for SEO – The Cookbook
Guide from François Joly

Using R for SEO – Survival Guide
Guide from Rémi Bacha

Keyword Clustering for SEO with R
Guide from Journey to Data Scientist

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