About LearningSEO.io

LearningSEO.io was launched by SEO consultant, speaker, and author, Aleyda Solis in February 2021 to facilitate the SEO learning process through a free roadmap featuring reliable and updated free guides and resources about each stage or area; further expanding it in the following months with additional resources, like free tools and additional areas of SEO specialization, scenarios and activities.

Aleyda Solis - SEO Consultant & Founder

What content is featured on the site?

Aleyda links to the most reliable, free SEO resources published about each topic, manually aggregated while applying her extensive SEO experience.

The linked guides, resources and free tools, have been expanded now to also feature experienced SEO specialists’ tips, as well as FAQs, to help complement the information featured in linked external resources.

A new initiative was launched in 2023, called the free LearningSEO.io accelerator initiative, going through the main SEO concepts, questions and doubts of the key areas of the roadmap with a cohort of new SEOs who applied and were chosen to participate and develop their SEO knowledge for free.

The videos of the accelerator sessions are embedded through the different relevant pages of the LearningSEO.io Website, and can be also watched in the YouTube channel here.

It’s important to note, that as part of its goal and vision, LearningSEO.io is completely free and doesn’t accept or feature any adverts or paid inclusions into the site, to ensure a good, non-biased user experience, and is completely supported by Aleyda Solis resources as a way to give back to the SEO community.

Do you want to get in touch with Aleyda?

If you have any questions or doubts, want to submit a resource to the site or have feedback, feel free to reach Aleyda here.

The SEO Learning Roadmap

Take a look at the SEO learning roadmap below, featuring the different areas, from the basics of SEO, to the most common activities and phases of the SEO Process:

Start learning SEO with the fundamental concepts and areas, why they're important, and the basics to execute them: keyword research, content optimization analysis, technical optimization and link building.
Once you know the main SEO concepts, it's time to put them in practice by learning to develop an SEO process, from establishing a strategy and setting goals to management, measurement, and reporting.
Learn to implement the most important SEO configurations in the top Web platforms in the market, along with considerations to take into account.
It's time for an SEO deep-dive into those particular areas and common scenarios where you have a bigger interest or need to tackle.